Alicia Dobleo born in Seville on May 12, 1990. Since she was a child is devoted to the Art world, taking drawing and painting as a great reference. In 2005, she started her studies at the Murillo Institute of Art. It is from this point that all studies are focused towards art. In 2009, she started in the field of restoration in Seville at "Terracotta Association" making parallel practices at her father's carpentry, now a workshop, where she spends hours creating. In 2010, she enters to the Seville's School of Art where she obtained the degree in Technician in Photographical Art. Since then she teaches photography subjects. After she finishing photography, she started her studies at the Mural Arts and she gets the titles of Technician in Mosaic and Technician in Arts applied to the wall, both obtained in the same school. Currently she is studying Fine Arts at the University of Seville.

Her work is very close to painting, considering herself as Illustrator first. We can see this side in most of her photographs, with a narrative point and digitally treated as if they were paintings "painted with light." For her, photography is a way to get closer to the illustration. Through it she creates characters and captures moments and places that inspire her to compose a personal story later. In her paintings it predominates colorful scenes accompanied by a great fantasy spirit and, despite use of the digital medium, she tries not to lose the traditional touch.

But it is the art of mosaic, today, art most identifies. She found it and now is something she's in love. For she, the mosaic is a great example of passion and dedication, "not everyone has the patience to make a mosaic, the mosaic is something that you have to like much to do."

Currently, Alicia is involved in a project where she combines mosaic and photography. "The city of birds" is a project that speaks of the birds in the city of Seville, making record its importance and publicizing the mosaic art.